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Daniel Stageman was raised on a farm in rural Iowa. He loved country life, but what he wanted more than anything was to be a trial lawyer. So, he went to law school and in 1981 started practicing law in Iowa. In 1985 he moved to Colorado and found work representing insurance companies.

Over the next decade, Mr. Stageman represented numerous successful insurance companies. Dozens of personal injury cases went to trial, and the big insurance company clients always won - every time. The last case Mr. Stageman tried (for an insurance company) involved a young woman who had suffered a severe hand injury. She cried after the jury returned a verdict in favor of the defense, defeating the young lady’s righteous claim. Mr. Stageman could hear the weeping as the courtroom door closed behind him, and that was the last personal injury case he tried for an insurance company.

Mr. Stageman told the insurance companies that he and they would have to go their separate ways. Since that time he has dedicated himself as a lawyer who fights for victims of personal injury, wrongful death, auto or motorcycle accidents. This decision, nearly two decades ago, has made Daniel Stageman, PC, the premier personal injury attorney in the Colorado Springs area.

Our lawyer is committed to giving you personalized and caring attention. Work with a legal professional who knows both sides of the law by choosing Daniel Stageman, PC in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Daniel is licensed in the State of Colorado and El Paso County. Contact us today for a free consultation about your personal injury to get started on the road to financial recovery.