Personal Injury Attorney Who Doesn’t Advertise

It seems you can’t turn on your TV without seeing a personal injury lawyer.  However, you will never see a mass market advertisement featuring Daniel Stageman.

Daniel Stageman believes that if a lawyer does good work referrals will come from past clients and members of the legal community.  He is especially proud of the fact that over half his cases are referred to him by other lawyers.  Indeed, advertising lawyers sometimes ask Mr. Stageman to help with their more difficult cases.

Our firm could, of course, advertise.  We would get more cases, so many that we would need to hire junior associates and paralegals and case managers to handle them all.  We could build an assembly line law practice, one with junior associates handling so many cases that each client would become a numbered file.  The money would roll in.

We could do that, but we won’t.  We’ll stay Old School.  Clients will come to us because they’ve heard good things from past clients, or from their family lawyer, not because they saw a cheesy ad on TV.  Each client will be offered the same care we would give a family member.

If you want a lawyer who will treat you like family, call Daniel Stageman.  719-527-4790.