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Auto Accidents in Colorado Springs, CO

Need an Auto Accident Attorney?

Driving or riding in a car is far more dangerous than it needs to be. People drink and drive. They go too fast. They run through stop signs and red lights. They spend way too much time worrying about their phone. These mistakes get people hurt.

If someone else’s mistake injured you, that person should be held accountable. That person (or, more accurately, his or her insurer) should pay your medical bills. They should pay you for your time from work. They should pay you for physical impairments and pain they have caused. That’s what’s fair.

Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t care about fairness. Adjusters’ year-end bonus calculation won’t be based upon their level of fairness toward accident victims. Their supervisors don’t get promoted by being more fair to accident victims. The company president won’t be rewarded with stock options for treating accident victims fairly. Insurance companies reward employees for reducing payments, not for being fair.

The big insurance companies used to pay Daniel Stageman to win cases for them. And he won them all. Now he works exclusively for accident victims. He fights for fairness. He fights for what is right. He fights for you.

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