Daniel Stageman

"Reads the
fine print

You’ve probably never read your homeowner or auto insurance policy. Certainly not all of it. Virtually nobody ever does. Some brave souls may start the task. But they soon find that the convoluted verbiage, with unusual definitions for otherwise common terms, and cross-referenced passages, reads like an IRS form. Unless you know Colorado insurance law, the policies are almost unreadable.

So you pay your premium and trust the insurance company. Then, after years of sending the insurer your hard-earned money, you get hurt in an accident, or your home is damaged. You have to make a claim. The insurance company denies the claim based upon some obscure passage in that policy nobody ever reads.

The company may simply deny the claim without explanation. Or, it may send you a long letter quoting various policy provisions. The problem is, unless you know Colorado insurance law, and have been trained to read these literary monstrosities, you have no way of knowing whether the denial was wrongful.

Daniel Stageman once represented insurance companies (nobody’s perfect). He knows how to interpret insurance policies. He knows what provisions can be enforced, and what provisions cannot be enforced.

Colorado has an important statute, C.R.S. §10-3-1116. If an insurance company’s claim denial was unreasonable, the company can be forced to pay not only the claim’s full value, but also your attorney fees -- and a penalty equal to twice the amount of unpaid benefits.

Our attorney will review your policy without obligation. Make an appointment for your free consultation. Find whether the insurance company’s refusal to pay your claim was wrongful.