Daniel Stageman

"A lawyer
who Rides."

Daniel Stageman was sixteen when he bought his first motorcycle. It was a Honda 160 Dream. The bike was small and underpowered. It was built in a previous decade. But riding that machine felt like freedom.

There have been a lot of other motorcycles since that 160 Dream gave up the ghost. Dan has toured much of the country on one bike or another. It still feels like freedom.

The problem is, not everyone on the road drives with the same care you give the operation of your motorcycle. A driver may seem to look right at you, then pull from the stop sign like you are invisible. What might have been a minor collision, had it been between two cars, can be devastating when it's a motorcycle accident.

Call Dan if you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident. You won’t owe him a dime unless he gets you the money you deserve.