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Slip and Fall, Personal Injury Attorney

Were You Injured on Someone Else’s Property?

Sometimes people fail in their obligation to provide safe places for others. A store may wax or mop a floor without adequate warning signs. An apartment complex may fail to clear ice and snow from public areas. The possibilities are many and varied.

Most falls result in mere bruises, or other minor and temporary injuries. However, sometimes the injuries are very significant, perhaps involving broken bones. Some may even be life-changing. In these circumstances it is important that the at-fault party be held accountable.


Most claims arising from a “slip and fall” injury will be controlled by the Colorado Premises Liability Act. Your ability to recover under this statute may depend upon whether at the time of injury you were a “trespasser,” “licensee,” or “invitee.”

If you were injured while visiting someone’s home you probably were a “licensee.” If you were injured while at a place of business, you probably were an “invitee.” An “invitee” may recover damages if the landowner unreasonably failed to exercise reasonable care to protect against dangers of which he actually knew or should have known. There is a somewhat tougher standard for licensees, and a much more difficult standard for trespassers.


The defense almost always tries to blame the victim: “He should have been more careful,” or “she should have watched where she was going,” or “this is Colorado – of course there was ice!” The cases can be difficult. Some personal injury lawyers will not accept “slip and fall” cases for that reason. However, Daniel Stageman has taken these cases to trial and won. He has settled many more. He may be able to help you.

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